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Rumor: Apple to release iWatch in three different models

Whenever Apple has something to release, the tech people get excited as to what Apple has in store for them. Apple has announced a wristband called iWatch, these iWatch will reportedly come in three different sizes when it launches later this year.iWatch Rumor

There will be a model in 1.6-inch screen and other two models with 1.8 inch of the display screen; one among the two models is expected to come with a Sapphire crystal and the other ones are without it. Sapphire crystals are expensive to manufacture in big amounts which is already used only in some of the luxury watches. Apple may keep its sapphire reserved for the top model in a smaller product line. All three models will supposedly feature next-gen touch sensors, instead of its current indium tin oxide with a more conductive silver nano wire ink.

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The reports also indicate that Apple is supposed to launch these watches in the third quarter of 2014. According to one of the reports the supplier TPK’s touch screens have been already certified, including the 1.8-inch sapphire displays that are facing production issues.

According to a rumor report from Reuters

One of the iWatch version would come in a massive 2.5inch display, but the concept is 2.5inch display may look bulky on anyone`s hand rather than having a 1.8 inch display which makes a lot more sense.

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Even though lot of reports come every week, iWatch production may be delayed until November, whereas the Economic Daily says all three watches will be launched in the third quarter of the year, which looks like a dark mystery now. For a year, iWatch has been expected for its release and which couldn’t materialized due to the tiny devices like battery which was a headache for the production team.

Anyhow, Apple is doing an awesome job in keeping the people interested towards their new launch. Hope Apple will come up with an official announcement to put an end for the rumor mills.

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