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Google and Novartis partners to develop a wearable smart lens

After Google glass, it seems that the Tech giant is all set to venture into the region of making human sight much better and useful. According to the recent reports, Google and Novartis, the Swiss drug-making organization has struck a deal to develop a ‘smart’ lens. With Google already having created a mass production of Google Glass, a ‘smart’ lens will be a dive into the world of many more possibilities.google-novartis-smart-lens

According to the statement issues by the CEO of Novartis, the company is very pleased and excited to be working with one of the best in the business. According to the CEO, the companies have plans to launch the product within a span of 5 years. The technology used in the case of the ‘smart’ lens will not only aid the issues of sight impairment, but will also take a dig at monitoring health conditions like diabetes.

According to the reports and statistics that we have, a major half of the world population suffers from diabetes and problems with sight owing to diabetes as well. Thus the development of a health monitoring device cum lens will surely be termed as a great advancement in the field.

Speaking of the technology that will be used, it is expected that there will be chips and sensors integrated at the lowest levels. The lens will work just as a normal lens to correct the eyesight and the sensors will be using the liquid from the tear glands to monitor the blood glucose levels.

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According to the deal, Google will develop the lens and Novartis will be focusing on the majority of marketing and selling. Both Google and Novartis have ensured that no financial details of the deals are allowed to flow in the media.

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