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Pavlov Poke – a kind of electric shock for Facebook addicts

There are too many people who keep spending time on Facebook. The problem of addiction has risen so much that they find themselves weak in front their addiction. The obsessive habit of this indulgence is so injurious that people spend almost one third of the day on the web, and the missing out what is important for them.

For people who are really helpless about this disease, they have great news. The special invention Pavlov Poke claims to be the one of the curable device that can treat the Facebook addiction. The device is planned to jolt you with an electric shock. This unique Pavlov Poke is invented by Robert Morris and Dan McDuff.


The basic the inventors themselves were victims with the social media addiction and used to spend around 50 hours a week on Facebook. So, being the PhD students at MIT, they determined to solve with their talents and thus invented this device.

How does the Pavlov Poke works?

The Pavlov Poke can be inbuilt on your keyboard which is supposed to poke you, to withdraw yourself from using web at longer time. This poke is in the electric shock.  Moreover, as McDuff explains that it is monitor controlled, and thus, if visitor spends too much time on the particular website, it will shock.

Moreover, the shock is “unpleasant” but not fatal. However, inventors are not looking for its commercial launch and think its invention to be a kind of joke.

Morris in his interview with Techcrunch reported that the Facebook addiction is intense that one needs multiple shocks, and many of them felt it as irritating and removed right after installing it.

source: CNET

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