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Microsoft to rely on low-priced Windows laptops and tablets to counter Chromebooks

Google Chromebooks have brought a snazzy wave to the market, but Microsoft has prepared a great answer to it by hinting on cheap windows laptops. The chief operations officer of Microsoft, Kevin Turner had recently expressed his grief for the change of people’s interest from PC’s to smartphones. He also added that Microsoft was going through a tough time and they had to take tough decisions in the recent past.windows-laptop-screen

The important revelation by Turner was about the plan of Microsoft to launch cheap laptops and tablets in the market that will give a direct competitive to Google Chromebooks. At Microsoft’s partner conference, Turner promised the Microsoft fans that the company will soon launch a 7-inch and 8-inch tablet that will run on Windows and will be priced at just $99.

He also revealed that HP will also release a $199 Windows laptop this Christmas season, while Acer and Toshiba would also launch $249 laptops as well. Toshiba’s laptop will feature a 11.6-inch display with a 2.16GHz Intel Celeron processor, while Acer will be having a 15.6-inch display screen.

In May, the low-priced versions of Windows 8 were revealed and according to the experts, this revelation was supposed to support the Microsoft’s cause for making low price device that resembles Chromebooks.

Turner gave a statement that reads:

“We are beyond the ‘ attaching and license’ world, where we had a 90 per cent penetration of PCs… the world has shifted and evolved and we now have to measure ourselves in the total device space.”

We really hope that the cheap laptops will change the fortune of Microsoft as a company. The fans are in for a great surprise by the American company soon.

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  1. I actually understand what they are thinking in principle, but Microsoft really needs to rebrand their OS altogether. If they want to keep wndows alive by making it cheaper then great, but making it cheaper won't make it much better — windows 8 and 7 are both very unstable POSes! Microsoftshould consider that these days it is possible that people are willing to pay more for reliability and ease of use, as Apple has shown, so they should keep marketing Windows for cheaper while experimenting with a rebranded OS. I would say its yet another failure of a large company to really be in touch with what the customers want, but I also just think Microsoft doesn't have the nads to do anything bold

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