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FCC gets overwhelming response in Net Neutrality comments

After the framing of Net Neutrality rules by the FCC, there have been several arguments about whether these rules shall be effected in the current internet scenario or not. Most of the experts are in favor of the rules as they protect the interests of the internet users all around the globe and it calls for a fair attitude towards any kind of data.FCCRuling

The debate over Net Neutrality has picked up pace and the internet giants like Facebook among the others are coming forward to comment on the issue. It has resulted in as many as 647,000 comments about the subject entered into the FCC’s website.

In the current scenario, the FCC rules about net neutrality are receiving a positive applause from a unit of people. However, the criticism is more in strength against the FCC rules. The comments that have been received by FCC show that people care about the issue and have shown their disinterest/interest about the issue.

The recent update on the FCC Net neutrality issue is that the comment period is supposed to end on Tuesday, but after receiving overwhelming response, FCC extends the deadline to July 18. Those who wish to send their message can opt for the web-based submission form of the FCC. The people can also email their message directly to the email id, openinternet@fcc.gov. About 647,000 net neutrality comments have been received so far.

Various companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix and Yahoo are in favor of the FCC rules about net neutrality, but they have raised their voice against the paid traffic prioritization. They are afraid that the FCC rules about net neutrality will encourage the data customers to simply practice priority delivery of their data against a hefty fee.

Net Neutrality has brought a sense of equality among the internet users. It has regulated the treatment of all data on the internet. With this policy framed by the FCC, the discrimination regarding the content, site, platform or modes of communication will be diminished to a greater degree.

The coinage of term Net Neutrality was done by Tim Wu, a Colombian Media Law Professor in the year 2003. The concept of Net Neutrality is identical to that of a common carrier. Net Neutrality is often referred to as an Open Internet scenario where the treatment of all the data existing on the internet is fair and square.

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