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Analysts predict 60 million Apple iWatch sales in the first year

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iWatch is certainly a big sensation in the wearable gadget market. The surge of the Apple’s most anticipated gadget is almost confirmed. The market gurus have already started predicting the stats related to iWatch for the first year.morgan-stanley-report-chart-iwatch

Considering the stats that are being brought forward by the specialists, we can only say that sky is the limit for the potential sales of iWatch.

Morgan Stanley Analyst, Katy Huberty has produced some intriguing stats to the fans. According to this renowned financial analyst, around 60 million units could be shipped in a matter of 12 months. This is a whopping figure and it has accelerated the blood in the veins of Apple marketers.

The forecast made by Katy Huberty seems to be too optimistic when compared with the stats produced by gizmo; they forecasted shipment of 30 million units of iWatch by the end of the next year. Analaysts also predicted the failure of Apple’s next-gen iPhone 6. The immediate failure of iPhone 6 would cost a big problem to the makers of smartwatch. However, the market gurus are optimistic about the iWatch phenomenon and they believed that it would work wonders upon arrival.

The price of iWatch is not confirmed yet, but the rumors suggest for it to fall anywhere around $300. It is not a high range gadget and hence, the stats given by Huberty look more realistic after knowing the price segment of the iWatch. We really hope that iWatches come out as a big sensation in the market and rise up to the speculation by Katy Huberty.

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