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Best 5 latest weather apps for Android devices

There are few things in this world that cannot be easily predicted by Human beings. For instance weather is an excellent thing that cannot be predicted easily. Consider a scenario in which you left for work in the morning and you were unprepared for rain which came late in the evening.Latest 5 Best Weather Apps for Android Devices : Accuweather

Nowadays, a smartphone can keep you away from those troubles and also help you to plan for your day in a better way. There are hundreds of applications are available in Google Play Store that predicts the exact weather for your day. In this post, I have listed out best application that predicts the weather and here it goes.

1: AccuWeather: The best and top rated android application for weather and it is considered as the best one for getting hyper-localized forecasts. The developer of this application claims that these applications will provide exact weather report down to your street address. But the thing is that, it shows the weather report based upon the areas and location. But still, this application is used as a better application for forecasting weather and current temperature even in the remotest locations too

2: Yahoo Weather: Yahoo Weather is another best weather application that predicts the weather for your current location very exactly. This service is run by the Internet Giant Yahoo, and this Yahoo Weather provides very accurate weather for your location whether it may be a town or city. In addition to the weather report, Yahoo Weather provides images from the Flickr to match your place and current weather of your location.

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3: Weather Underground: Weather Underground is one of the best community powered service for weather reports and it provides more extreme forecast. Weather Underground is run by a community of weather enthusiast who runs a logging station over their own backyards. Therefore the users will get an accurate update of weather condition around them. Since there are too many service posts are available in all remote locations, the exact weather location of some places cannot be provided by the Weather Underground application.

4: Weather Channel: Weather Channel offers real time, temperature and also provides accurate weather updates for your Android device. This application provides a radar map that shows the future forecasting in an excellent manner. And it also shows you the image of clouds and air flow that allows you to predict the weather very easily.

5: 1Weather: 1Weather is a brilliant application for android users that allows them to get lots of Updates about their local weather forecast. This application has best features such as radar, weather fun facts and other general facts about the weather. This application is developed by the OneLouder Apps and it provides an accurate and highly localized forecast for weather for all users and theoretically the application provides a better and accurate results in terms of weather forecast.

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