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MacBook Pro 2014: Release date, specs and rumors

It is expected that Apple will launch its next line of MacBook Pros in fourth quarter of this year. As Apple always uses the latest Intel processors in its MacBooks, there is a lot of expectations that the 2014 MacBook Pro line-up will be powered by Intel’s fifth-generation Core i processors Broadwell.apple-macbook-pro-2014

These new processors promise to be 30% more efficient than the current generation of Intel processor Haswell. Experts believe that the new Intel Broadwell processor can easily give Apple its thinnest MacBook till date, even if Apple will have Retina display in it. If true, then it`s possible that Intel will be generating “moderate” to a bigger revenue just by making chips for the Mac OS X lineup. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has said that Intel’s next-generation Broadwell processors will likely be available for the Christmas shopping period.

Most of the online rumors say that MacBook Pro 2014 is getting planned for the launch event in the month of September, and till now no price tag has been announced by Apple Inc.

If Apple releases its new 2014 MacBook lineup this year, including the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, Intel will still get the benefits with its Haswell chips, particularly the Intel Core i5 which is used by the cheapest MacBook Air. Apple is still having Intel’s i5 chips on its new affordable iMac, dual-core 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor. As far as the display is concerned, these MacBooks are expected to have a 12-inch Retina display, which was discontinued when Apple introduced the MacBook in 2006.

 KGI Securities Analyst, Kuo Says that:

Apple will focus on producing more laptops in the range in different sizes, it’s unlikely to upgrade the retina ones; apart from 12in Retina display the new MacBook will be thinner and lighter than MacBook Air which will have a clamshell structure.

This upcoming MacBook will still be having a CD/DVD drive which nowadays is not having an impact because of the available downloads in online. Reports also indicate that the latest MacBook Pro 2014 will have significant improvements like fan less design, new track pad and Intel Broadwell chips. Probably there will be some sort of cooling system built-in; however, that might not be necessary.

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The biggest advantage of a fan less design is quiet operation of the device. Another benefit of having a fan less body is that there would be no moving parts which make it less likely to break; Since there would be no fan in the MacBook Pro 2014, the place of the fan will be occupied by the battery, which results in higher battery capacity for the MacBook Pro 2014. These were the information’s we got about the upcoming MacBook Pro 2014, For more we need to wait for an official press release from the CEO, But indeed a technology worth waiting for.

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Expected specifications of next-gen MacBook Pro 2014:

  •     12-inch monitor with Retina display
  •     1.35kg
  •     128GB or 256GB SSD
  •     1.4GHz Intel Core i5
  •     4GB RAM
  •     2x USB 3.0
  •     Mini Display Port/Thunderbolt 2.0
  •     Memory card reader
  •     720p FaceTime camera
  •     Battery capacity of 12 hours

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