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Apple’s Swift popularity suddenly rises among developers

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has released its new programming language Swift for iOS and other iOS X applications at its annual WWDC event held in June 2014. The recent survey says that the popularity of Apple’s Swift has gained immensely in the last two months. Apple’s Swift was introduced in the month of early June, and the language enters the July with Tiobe Index at 16th number and also July’s PyPL Popularity places at place 10th.apple-swift-screenshot

Each and every one is very curious to know about this Apple’s Swift, since it is developed by Apple the popularity of this programming language is reaching its peak. Unlike Google’s Go language, Apple’s Swift will speculate the interest remain high. When it was introduced in the year of 2009, it quickly dropped out of 100 and now it bounces back to present spot of 30th place.

Apple’s Swift is nothing new in it, but it is completely contrast to Google Go and serves a purpose. Hereafter new applications for the iPhones and iPad will be written in the Swift language. This improves the popularity of the Apple’s Swift language and remains it in the top 20 for a longer run. Apple’s Swift receives 1.054 percentage of share in Tiobe Index and 3 percentage of share in PyPL.

Tiobe managing director Paul Jansen said in a statement:

“Swift is also nothing new, but in contrast to Go (a Google programming language) it serves a purpose, i.e. to supersede the outdated Objective-C language. New applications for iPhone and iPad will all be written in Swift eventually. So Swift will probably stay in the top 20 for a long while and has the potential to become a top 10 player.”

According to Latner, the developers of Swift drew inspiration from Objective-C, Rust, Haskell, Ruby, Python, C#, CLU and other languages during the design of the syntax and structure. Bret Victor’s theories gave the developers the ideas to add an interactive “Playgrounds” feature for Swift in XCode for making the coding more learnable.

Since more Internet programmers are searching for the Apple’s Swift language, the popularity has been increasing in an immense rate. Also the number of searches in the Internet getting increases day by day. This language is already getting a lot of publicity from most of the popular blogs and hope this makes Apple’s Swift to become a top 10 player in programming languages.

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