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New Raspberry Pi B+ has been launched with more ports for $35

The Raspberry Pi barebone ARM-based single-board computer which has already created records with its selling figures is all set to launch an upgraded model. Raspberry Pi community has launched a new model termed as Model B+ at a price of $35, which is same as the previous model but with more ports and functionalities.Raspberry Pi B+ expected to be better

The upgraded version of Raspberry Pi barebone ARM-based computer ‘B+’ comes in with more sensors and accessories making it much better that the previous models of the same. According to the company, Raspberry Pi barebone ARM-based computer ‘B+’ is better and has enough to power an external hard drive as well.

What makes Raspberry Pi B+ better?

This is a very important question as all the previous versions have had a good response; more or less. According to the reports, the ‘B+’ model has a lot of extended features. To add to the extra sensors and accessories, the board holds a 40 pin GPIO header providing the board a much better motherboard layout. It also has a MicroSD card slot.

Majority of the remaining hardware components will remain same. Reports also state that the latest model will be consuming much less power which is approximately about 0.6A to 0.75A. According to the statistics, the number of Raspberry Pi models sold till date amounts to a number more than 3 million. It is expected that Raspberry Pi ‘B+’ will also add to the numbers.

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