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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may get an Eye Scanner

Recent tweet from Samsung Exynos shows an image that provides the information about the eye-scanning for making payment transactions from the smartphone. You can do monthly payment, online payment, online shopping and other bills straight from your smartphone. More importantly, you can do this with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The biometric security feature allows you to perform an excellent secured transaction in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4.Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The fingerprint sensor doesn’t seem to work well; the Samsung Corporation has planned for a new technology implementation in their upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

This is the caption that has been given for a picture tweeted by Samsung official tweets @SamsungExynos:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Eye Sensor allows its user to pay for monthly bills, supermarket bills, electricity bills and other online payments. Eye sensor provides an extreme security level for your transactions and provides more privacy for its users. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is considered to be the best smartphone of the upcoming year, and the implementation of Eye scanner in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will make this device a wonderful gadget of the year.

Until now, not even a single device has an eye scanner in it. The unsuccessful of Samsung Galaxy S5 makes the Samsung Corporation to go for new technology in their upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This device is supposed to be the best device made by Samsung.

Nowadays, Samsung starts to implement various technologies in their devices. In Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung has implemented fingerprint sensor and also heartbeat sensor. These two sensors didn’t bring well to it, this makes Samsung to use next-generation eye scanner in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Samsung hopes its upcoming phablet would increase the global marketshare of Samsung devices.

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