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Apple announced beta version of iCloud for iWork

Apple announced beta version of iCloud for iWork to everyone with Apple ID account. And the good news is first spotted in Italian website “Spider-Mac”. This is going to be a good compared with Google Doc’s, and available in any web browser on Mac or PC. You can edit pages, numbers or keynote document on the fly anywhere. Let’s go head and check here!


Above we have mail, contacts, calendar, notes, reminders, find my iPhone, pages, numbers, keynote. Right now we have pages-open that up, and create a document by clicking +button. Pages works as you expected with no lags or very well, and you can make changes in document. So this is pages, I just wanted to give a quick look at-how it works from the inside. Pages automatically save after closing the document.


As you can see keynote is used to create presentation. And once you launch keynote you can edit, add effect, change image in the presentation, add new slide etc. Making changes document, spreadsheet or presentation is a simple task. It is fully designed with many things such as drag a drop picture in document, changing fonts, alignment, paragraph style etc.


Number is best tool for recording income and expenses of our firm. This tool includes tables, cell and data options. You can make calculation and create graphs according to data. And adjust the zoom on the top side corner for better view.


You can use this service by just going to iCloud.com and log-in with Apple ID. If you don’t have Apple ID, create an account in Apple’s website and enjoy iCloud!

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