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Apple’s own iBeacon device spotted in a FCC filing

Securify, specialists in the management of mobile security, has revealed the finding of FCC fillings that suggests the development of Apple’s first party iBeacon device.fcc-filing-apple-ibeacon

Apple’s iBeacon introduced in WWDC 2013, is a micro-location technology that is used in smartphones to push data based on their locations. The technology was an instant hit with various organizations and retailers, within just a year. But the associated hardware were managed by a few third parties. But with this latest news coming from Apple, their intentions to build their own iBeacon device are quite clear.

Apple has registered the product as Apple iBeacon and has a model number A1573. Sources suggest that the device was tested in association with Audix technology based in China. The testing is said to have lasted for about two weeks ranging from April 30 to May 13.

The tested iBeacon has a diameter of 6 cm and its working frequency at peak is 2.4 GHz. The diameter suggests it may be too much for a watch. Perhaps it’s suitable for an Apple TV.

The iBeacon works on the basis of location. For e.g., the device may be able to notify the user about certain sales discounts on approaching the store location. Apple has already put the iBeacon into action in its stores to tell users about various events and orders.

For Apple iBeacon to work, iOS 7 is mandatory with the Bluetooth turned on and the device will be powered by USB. IOS 8 may bring certain changes to the UI.

The product is sure to come up with Apple’s future line of devices along with the Apple TV , smart watch and 12 inch Retina Mac Book Air. The iBeacon has the chance of being sold as a consumer product in association with Apple’s HomeKit which was launched recently.

You could see the FCC filing details here.

If you are curious about the technology, head over to here.

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