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Factory wipe on Android won’t delete all your nude pics

Technology has taken big leaps in the current scenario and apparently everything is possible with it. For example, the nude selfies that had been deleted by a bunch of users have been retrieved by the researchers. These pictures have been retrieved from the discarded android phones.avast-research

The security researchers were doing an analysis on android phones and were surveying the 20 handsets that had been purchased on eBay. A data security company has already alerted the people that the factory reset button in an android phone does not entirely get rid of the data on your device.

The security researchers retrieved as many as 40,000 personal pictures. It included 750 pictures of nude women and 250 men posing naked. The text messages and other important emails could also be retrieved by the security researchers. The data had been received from four devices and the security researchers could easily point out the name of the owner and where exactly the pictures were taken. The time at which the pictures were taken could also be traced out.

The factory reset option in android phones does not work to its ability and that is the reason why researchers could extract those explicit pictures. Avast has been warning the android users ever since. However, Google has stood against the stand taken by Avast and it has declared that Avast used old smartphones and their research did not represent the majority of android users in the market. Google also stated that people turn the encryption on before using the factory reset button. It makes sure that the data cannot be retrieved later on.

If Google’s take on the situation is correct, it would prove to be a big relief for the android users. After the revelation of Avast, there is a deep phobia among the users and the news has shaken the population that uses Android smartphones.

Now what would you do before selling your used Android smartphone? BTW, Avast has already shown the way to recover the deleted data – that means your “that old pic” is still on the smartphone you have sold last month.

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