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Apple brings iTunes Extras to Apple TV; iOS 8 to get later this year

Finally, Apple launches iTunes Extras to Apple TV, while the same will be launched with iOS 8 later this year. iTunes Extras was earlier available only on PC and Mac versions of iTunes.itunes-extras-apple-tv

With the new update, users will be able to view extra content on their Apple TV and the extra content will be accessible of they had already purchased a HD movie with Extra content. These extras consist of behind-the-scenes, images, short interviews and more.

Incidentally, Apple had chosen to release the new update along with the release of Snowpiercer movie on iTunes which was released in select theaters on June 27.

“The launch coincided really well with Snowpiercer because we were launching in their platform at the time when they are really bringing extras to the front,” said Caroline McKenzie, Director of marketing for Radius TWC.

The latest update on the iTunes to version 11.3 will bring in the new iTunes Extras feature to the Apple TV. Introduced in 2009, iTunes Extras was launched only to PC and Mac versions of iTunes and Apple has finally bought the feature to Apple TV and iOS 8. A tile will notify whether the HD movie carries extra content or not and users will have to install the latest update for the feature. USers will also have to keep the HD resolution ON to see the list of movies.

A manual update can be done by accessing Settings > General > Software Update. iOS users will have to wait for some more months before the release on iOS 8 while Apple TV users will receive the update immediately.

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