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Verizon blames Netflix for slow video streaming

Verizon has once again blamed Netflix for causing slow video streaming even as the Federal Trade Commission is investigating both the companies that are involved in an argument for several months.verizon-netflix-traffic-congestion-chart

According to a blog post by Verizon the company mentioned that the slow video streaming was caused by Netflix. Netflix reiterated by saying that Verizon was “cheating users” of better bandwidth by not upgrading its connections. A 4K video on Netflix is easily streamed on a 25mbps connection which is capable of meeting the video-streaming site’s requirements for delivering a 1080p video with progressive scanning as stated in a letter by a Verizon customer.

A spokeswoman at Netflix said in a statement:

‘When Verizon fails to upgrade those interconnections consumers get a lousy experience despite paying enough bandwidth required for high quality Netflix video.”

David Young, VP of Verizon Federal regulatory Affairs reasoned with the consumer that Netflix’s links were congested which led to slow streaming of videos on the site. Earlier, Verizon sent a cease-and-desist letter to prevent Netflix from informing subscribers about the company’s low-bandwidth.

However Netflix had claimed that ISP were causing data to travel through slow lanes instead of fast lanes even though Netflix uses a fast lane dependent on an interconnection link and Verizon was not blamed at that time. Netflix also added that ISP’s were providing sufficient data only when users choose to pay an extra charge.

The companies are in a public debate over the slow-streaming issue for several months and the FTC could soon find a solution for the matter.

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  1. Verizon is throttling users n he worst hit app is Netflix. They then want upgrades to "perhaps" help your situation. My solution sucks. Cable. Since fiber is not available in my area yet.

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