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MoneyParking, a public parking app suspends service in San Francisco

MoneyParking is a wonderful application that allows people to bid for public parking spaces. The service in San Francisco will be stopped in order to prevent a potential lawsuit, said city attorney.moneyparking-app-screenshot

MoneyParking app, developed by an Application developing in Rome, enables the users to bid on a public parking spot. This reduces the pressure for finding a parking place and helps the users to park their vehicle very easily. But critics said that MoneyParking forces people to pay for public free resources.

San Francisco Attorney had put a full stop for the MoneyParking application; MoneyParking application let people to bid on a public spot, so that other users are about to vacate. San Francisco City Attorney said MoneyParking violates the local laws that prohibit people from buying or leasing public parking areas.

City Attorney’s office sent a letter to the MoneyParking Company to shut down the services in San Francisco. At first, the company resisted, and argued that it was not the spot, but the information about the availability was bidding on. Now MoneyParking Company disabled its services temporarily in the San Francisco area and also the company has mentioned this in a blog post.

Also MoneyParking mentioned that, they are reviewing services to avoid future misunderstandings. Not only MoneyParking, ReservationHop also let the users to make reservations in restaurants in advance and makes the people to pay for that. This application also criticized by the Peoples in the San Francisco city people.

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