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IBM to invest a $3 billion over 5 years in R&D for next-gen chips

IBM is all set to make one of the most important decisions of the present times. The company that has a name for itself as one of the best innovators in world of Technology is all set for what many people might think to be a gamble. It was on Wednesday when IBM announced that it will be investing a whooping amount of $3 billion over the course of the next 5 years in chip research and development.IBM to invest a whooping $3 billion in R&D

The condition that IBM finds itself presently does not actually speak about the qualities and the achievements that the organization has. But the fact that the company has seen a constant fall in the business provided by its hardware unit is undeniable. IBM has suffered a dive in the revenue generated which is the lowest in the last 5 years. From the business point of view, this is certainly one of the major concerns that is worrying IBM presently.

In the efforts to find a solution to this slumping business from the hardware sector, IBM has decided to take on this investment of $3 billion. According to the reports, IBM is probably looking forward to do some research in relation to downscaling of the chips. The other objective that IBM might just have in focus is that the efficiency on downscaling must not decrease.

According to the official statement given by Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president at IBM’s Systems and Technology Group, innovation has no limits and it can be achieved certainly. IBM is probably making sure that it sends a message to the technical sphere that IBM is not complacent and also has the temperament to put on a real breakthrough in the Semiconductor chip industry.

Tom Rosmilla said in a statement:

“The message to our investors is that we are committed to this space, we believe there isgreat innovation possible that will be necessary in world of big data analytics.”

As of now, IBM is the only large-scale company investing and researching on carbon chips and the company expects these researches could keep their competitors like HP and Oracle miles away when demand grows for these faster chips.

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