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Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors: Release date, price and specs

It’s not been so long since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5, while the launch of Galaxy Note 4 is not far away, but rumors of Galaxy S6 has already surfaced. According to rumors, Samsung is currently working on its next-gen smartphone Galaxy S6 after the success of the popular Galaxy S5 that was released earlier this year.samsung-galaxy-s6-concept

Specifications and details of the device were not revealed though Samsung is expected to improve various features of the upcoming smartphone based on user’s expectations. The plastic build of the Galaxy S5 was criticized for the lack of a premium feel and Samsung is likely to opt for a Graphite or Silicon build. Consumers are also expecting a stronger battery, improved screen resolution and a curved or flexible display.

Samsung is expected to improve the processor to 64 bit to compete with Apple as Galaxy s5 features a 32-bit processor. As Samsung had already released Galaxy S5 LTE-A handset with 1080 x 1920 which will mean that the S6 will sport at least a 1440 x 2650 Quad HD resolution with 442ppi. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S6 will be released in 2015 though analysts predict that the launch will follow after the release of iPhone 6 by the end of the year.

Samsung might also launch the Galaxy S6 during the MWC during March. Consumers in the USA can expect the smartphone by January while users in China, UK and India will get the device by February. Google’s latest Android L OS might power the device if it is released by Google. The rumored S6 is expected to be priced between $700 to $800. Samsung be able to attract interest in the upcoming Galaxy S6 device only if the demands of the consumers are met.

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