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Kinect v2.0 for Windows to be released on July 15; pre-order now

Microsoft is set to release Kinect v2.0 for Windows on July 15 and has started accepting pre-orders for the motion-sensing device for $199. This motion sensing device cannot be used with Xbox gaming consoles; but with Windows PCs with Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0.kinect-v-2.0

The updated sensor is priced at $200 which is half the price of the Xbox One. Developers has included non-gaming features in the updated device for PC users. Microsoft had recently pulled out the Kinect v1.0 from the Xbox bundle to make way for price reduction. However users expected the price of the Kinect v2.0 to be a less as the earlier Kinect for Xbox had a price drop from $499 to $399.

Microsoft Store described:

“The Kinect for Windows v2 sensor does not ship with any software. It is intended for use with the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 (licensed separately) and will operate only with the applications developed for Kinect for Windows v2.”

Microsoft launch of the Kinect v2.0 is aimed at developers and users who are interested in trying out new devices. Most consumers are not likely to purchase a $200 device which will have no use as of now unless they are interested in development. The Kinect v1.0 was used by developers in the field of robotics and medicine with much scope in the future. Kinect v2.0 is expected to improve with several developments after its release.

Developers will have to use the Windows 2.0 SDK which is licensed separately as no software is included with the motion-sensing device. The new Kinect v2.0 is available on the Official Microsoft Store and is expected to ship by July 15.

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