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Android community suffers DMCA take-down by Qualcomm

Android community received a shock when many of the repositories in GitHub were no longer accessible. More than 100 repositories pertaining to 45 accounts are no longer accessible from GitHub and many of them are related to Android.dmca-certificate

Cyveillance, a company authorized by Qualcomm has filed a DMCA request that has led GitHub to take down more than a hundred open source repositories including at least one of them belonging to Qualcomm itself. Much of these files also include code used in Android ROM CyanogenMod and many open source files used by developers.

According to Cyvelliance’s request published on GitHub’s website these codes are copyright-protected and proprietary have been used and distributed without prior permission from Qualcomm. The complaint states:

Based on our preliminary investigation, we believe that this web site is owned and/or controlled by you. Cyveillance, therefore, demands that you immediately (1) remove these documents from any of the web sites under your control and/or disable access to these documents through any of the web sites under your control, and (2) destroy any and all copies of the documents that you possess.

They are alleged to carry many confidential information and trade secrets of Qualcomm. Apparently the set of files also include the ones available from the account ‘qca that belongs to Qualcomm itself. While much of these files are source code files coded on C and C-like languages it is suspected that someone managed to leak Qualcomm’s trade secrets and made them a part of these files.

Anxious developers may have found some relief when Qualcomm showed up with an apology and a promise to retract the DMCA requests. It is assumed that Qualcomm will not be carrying out any legal suits in this regard.

Qualcomm informed that it will try to seek cooperation from maintainers of these repositories to find ways for a possible approval of the use of these codes and take a more cautious approach to prevent such leaks. Qualcomm also expressed its willingness in collaborating with them to address their concerns.

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