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Wildlife-hunting cheerleader receives widespread criticism on Internet

Kendall Jones, a Texas cheerleader received widespread backlash after she posted photos showing the animals that she had killed during a safari trip in Africa.

Facebook responded by removing the photos from her page. The photos were posted by 19-year old Jones on her Facebook page showing her sitting on the hunted elephant, Lion and Leopard. Change.org received more than 100,000 signatures by Thursday seeking a ban on Jones’ access to Africa. The petition also wanted to have her Facebook page removed but the social-networking site chose to remove the images.

“Her only interest in killing is for a cheap thrill and that she is not concerned with the conservation as she claims to be,” said PETA.

Peta also mentioned that Jones is interested in entering into a TV reality show based on wildlife and her hunting spree was a desperate attempt for the same. The 19-year old killed White Rhino in Zimbabwe when she was 13 years old and was interested in Safari’s during her first visit in her 9th year. Last week Jones had posted on her Facebook page that she had enjoyed her time in Zimbabwe and wanted to get back there.

Kendall Jones is a sophomore at Texas Tech University pursuing her majors in marketing and sports therapy and is a part of the cheerleading team. Jones has chosen to ignore the widespread criticism and said that some people will “never understand.” Jones’ father Cody defended his daughter by saying that she had actually done an act of kindness as a younger Lion would have killed the older Lion.

Photos of Kendall Jones’ hunting safari that triggered widespread criticism:


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  1. OMG…what is this..hw can she breathe freely after killing so many innocent animals..I really wish she gets hunted the same way she hunted down those innocent souls

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