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Nokia Lumia Windows Phone leaked with Microsoft branding

Nokia smartphone brand begins to transform into Microsoft. According to a leaked press render, Nokia Lumia 830 is likely to be launched with a new Microsoft branding and is expected to be seen in upcoming Lumia smartphones.microsoft-nokia-lumia-830-leaked

The leaked images from WPDang reveals that the Lumia 830 will feature a premium build with an aluminium frame, a glass display and a back cover made of polycarbonate. Along with a 4.5-inch display the device will have a 13MP PureView camera with Carl Ziess optics. Details of the resolution and pixels of the smartphone has not been leaked. The overall design is similar to Lumia 930 though the device is considered a successor to the Lumia 820.

Microsoft has chosen an aluminium body similar to the build of the popular HTC One M8. There is also a considerable reduction in the size of the camera when compared to Nokia 1020 which had a bulked up 41MP PureView camera. The specifications of the device suggests that it will be a high-end smartphone from Nokia. The smartphone is rumored to be Lumia 830 and will come with the latest Windows 8.1 OS.

Microsoft has chosen to include Nokia’s name in the branding of the device. Nokia and Microsoft are also in the process of developing three smartphones codenamed Rock, Superman and McLaren. The McLaren is expected to be the successor to Lumia 1020 and will feature a 3D touch feature. The 3D touch feature is a customized Kinect sensor for mobile devices and will allow users to wake up their smartphones without touching their devices.

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