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Google added gesture control feature to Google Chrome for Android: How to use it

Google has updated Google Chrome for Android. This latest update enables Chrome to browse at faster rate. Along with fast browsing it too enables gesture control system in current browser. Google is releasing continuous updates for Chrome Browser (for Android). Earlier they had integrated it with SPDY proxy which provides a great way to increase browsing and downloading speed. SPDY is used to compress web pages which increases overall responsiveness and delivers high quality net surfing experience. It even slows down the data charges to great extent.


But the latest Gesture Control update is going to add next level intelligence in old Chrome Browser. This update will allows faster switching between various tabs and pre-loaded menus in official browser.

How to use Gesture Controls in Google Chrome for Android

  • If you want to switch in between tabs then just swap your finger horizontally on the top tool bar. Please try it with one single finger. They have programmed this feature according to specific protocol. So don’t try to experiment it. If you follow some wrong gesture then it will simply discard the complete process.
  • You can now enter to Tab Switcher View by swapping/dragging your finger vertically down from toolbar. It can be used for faster switching too.
  • You may even open the drop down list by simply dragging the finger downwards from menu option.

So these are few gestures which can be applied with latest Google Chrome Android browser. Google has itself embedded all the gesture positions on new chrome interface. You can learn and practice all the positions from there also.

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