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After T-Mobile incident, FTC urged users to avoid phone bill scams

After the news broke out about the T-Mobile’s bogus charges in its customers’ bills, US Federal Trade Commission has issued an official warning to consumers of all carriers to check their phone bill for such occurrences.t-mobile-glass-building

The FTC has asked the consumers to thoroughly check their bills and services mentioned in it like voice mail fees, membership fees, service fees etc. It has also mentioned that the consumers has rights to ask questions to their service providers about any additional service charges in mobile bills.

US authority called it as ‘cramming’ and you never know, all telecommunication service providers has done it – once in a while or regular. However, T-Mobile has been caught scamming its users and FTC have lodged the complaint against T-Mobile accusing the carrier of imposing bogus amounts on the bills of the customers. According to the complaint launched, T-Mobile has been accused of ‘Cramming’ which is the act of charging users with false bills.

It’s not only T-Mobile, it has been estimated that all Americans’ pay about $2 billion in a year for such fraudulent and unauthorized services via mobile bills.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile CEO John Legere claimed that FTC has sensationalized their service fees. He said in a statement:

“T-Mobile has in the past and will continue to keep our pledge to bill customers only for what they want and what they have purchased for as long as I am CEO of this company.”

The FTC has provided a few things to be followed to avoid scams over phone bills. Head over to this link to learn how to avoid such scams in your mobile bills.

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