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Google grabs Songza for $39 million; lesser than Apple-Beats deal

The cold war between Google and Apple gets fascinating day by day. There is no doubt about the fact that both the companies are the best in what they do! Additionally, it is this sense of competition that prevails in the two allowing the creation of the best services and devices in the market. It might sound a lot greedy from the perspective, but they are true. Interestingly, the acquisition of Songza by Google can very well be termed as a competitive response to the deal between Apple and Beats.songza

The thought of a competition is extremely confusing as well. One might think that the deal between Apple and Beats is of $3 billion and compared to that Google’s acquisition of Songza has cost a meager $40 million. Earlier, it was rumored to be a $15 million deal. But one certainly has to accept hat fact that Google has much better and brighter chances with Songza. Although when compared to the number of dedicated listeners, Pandora heads the list, but Songza is way ahead of Beats. Beats has approximately 300,000 listeners compared to the 5.5 million dedicated ones of Songza. On the other hand Beats also works in the field of manufacturing music devices where the existence of Songza is null.

But with a little shift in the view of consideration, any music enthusiast will realize the unlimited legions of music can be better exploited by Google with Songza. Speaking strictly to music related concerns, the rating of Songza is much better and so is the following base. Now if the quality and imagination of Google is coupled with the Songza’s music streaming, there is a musical treat in store of the music enthusiasts like me. From the technical point of view, one will have to wait a little longer to examine the consequences of the deals.

Songza was launched in 2007 with an innovative focus on personal playlists other than automatic playlist recommendations. Songza currently has more than 5.5 million active users in North America. Users can use the service for free or opt for the ad-free version for $0.99 a week.

What to take from this deal? Who is the winner here – Apple or Google? Post your valuable opinions in the comments field below.

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  1. How does one manufacture a music device for an Internet that one does not fully comprehend and that is being driven by a competitor’s need to organize all the worlds info?

    That’s Apple’s dilemma.

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