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Taxi drivers try to block app; 6 Uber drivers face British criminal case

So much for the fast and hassle free cab service from Uber, the taxi drivers down in the streets of London are seriously upset. Uber which has taken car renting service to a complete different level is now under some serious threat as the traditional Taxi Organizations have decided to hit out against Uber. The first step taken by the Taxi organizations in the all out retaliation is the series of protests and now, the filing of criminal cases against 6 of the licensed Uber drivers. Moreover, the Taxi Drivers Organizations even tried to block the application down such that people have no other choices other than Taxis.Taxi drivers try to block app as 6 Uber drivers face Criminal Case in UK

Uber is one of the first of its kind which allows you to make arrangements for the type of vehicle you need right at your doorsteps. The rise of Uber is big cities like London, New York has hit the lives of the Taxi drivers to miserably. Some people have been heard quoting that it is time to bid a farewell to Taxis. The struggle between Uber and the Taxi Drivers Organizations has been on for quite some time now. As a form of protest, the Taxis of the city of London completely jammed up the streets bringing the city to a standstill.

According to the decision given by the Court of Law on Thursday, Uber is actually free to get on with the ride-sharing act in the city of London. And as for the demands of the Taxi Drivers, the court thinks that the Uber Smartphone application is working absolutely fine. The Taxi Drivers Organizations are of the idea that the Uber Application is actually doing something illegal with the process of counting the fare. According to them, the fares calculated by Uber do not follow the normal Taxi rules and the government is not paying any attention to the issue.

On the other hand the 6 Uber Drivers have been asked to come up to the Westminster Magistrate’s court around the end of the month. The system of fare in case of Uber is one of the main points of disagreement for the Taxi Drivers. The speed at which the ride sharing application is getting into the main stream market, many people are having some serious fears that the traditional taxis would certainly disappear from the streets one day. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Uber did not find the solace that it was looking for as all the issues in the United States are still on.

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  1. The taxis hate it when there is a better option. Last ride in a taxi was awful.

  2. If something pisses off the taxi mafia..it must be right.

    When Vegas falls…then you know we’ve (the consumer) has finally broke the taxi mafias back.

  3. Taxis will soon be as extinct as phone booths. Of course the ultimate will be when we can call for a car and a Google self-driving car appears.

  4. The consumers have gone elsewhere? Well then we should use the force of the state to MAKE people ride in MY taxi. Down with progress!

  5. 3 Cheers for the free market!!!

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