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iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C is coming in showcases: waiting ends in Japan and Greece!

Apple is ready to launch its new season on September 10th in Japan and Greece. Sources say that the occasion will organized by special hosting ceremony and the  shipment of the two versions is already on the shore.

The report in Nikkei states that the mentioned iPhone 5S and 5C are Apple’s next generation cell phones to be sold at the low cost. It is expected to be launched at September 20th, in San Francisco, right after ten  days of the launches in Japan and Greece. Interestingly, one of the Greece’s website has also reported that the launches are expected to be held on the September 20th along with Apple’s new technical innovations f final versions of iOS 7 on September 16.

Recent leaks of the images of iPhone 5S claims it to be highly glamorous and rapped in the golden colored oeuvre. The handset has been clicked from the multiple angles to flaunt its curvature. However, experts says that when it comes to physic, it looks as similar as iPhone 5. The popular analyst, KGI analyst has said that probably Apple is going to introduce 128GB variant in its next generation iPhone. May be, it may also get aligned with the 128GB fourth-generation iPad.

The other exciting technical feature includes:

  • Brand New Apple chip the A7
  • 1GB of LPDDR3RAM
  • Sources believes that iPhone 5S will be introduced with the enlarged screen with f2.o aperture as compared to the earlier versions of f.2.4 aperture.
  • It will be launched with dual LED flash and also accommodate fingerprint reader.

So, Let us see what’s new behind the colorful shades of Apple’s iPhone 5s.

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