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Nokia Networks acquires SAC Wireless for its infrastructure boost in US

Nokia the telecommunication giant from Finland is all set to acquire US-based SAC Wireless which has expertise in the market of installing wireless networking equipment. There were rumors swirling around in the internet media about the plans of Nokia. In an official announcement, Nokia announced about the buyout of SAC Wireless.Headquarter-building-of-Nokia-sold-for-222-million

Nokia is a big name when it comes to telecommunication and the manufacturing of telecommunication devices. According to the statement released, Nokia expects that the acquisition of SAC Wireless would allow the company from Finland to dictate better terms in the field.

SAC Wireless is not one of the most notable ones when it comes to size of the company. The number of employees that SAC Wireless houses is merely 450 individuals. But the company is known to have worked with many big names in the field and Nokia is also one of them.

The company is based in Schaumburg, Illinois which does provide solid grounds for Nokia to make better work in the United States. Although SAC Wireless is a small company on the terms of the size but quality of work that it has done already is outstanding.

Although the official announcement for the accusation has been made, Nokia has not mentioned anything about the price that has been fixed for the deal. However, there has been no statement issued from SAC Wireless. It will be interesting to see how the deal unfolds as all the electronic media will keep a close look on the proceedings.

SAC Wireless’ services offer operators such business benefits as speed to market, quality implementation, and reduction of risks associated with complex deployment issues.

These services include:

  • The SAC Wireless Engine Room(TM), a revolutionary process focused on managing site development, architectural and engineering, regulatory and compliance activities for national network programs, providing increased quality, scalability and productivity while significantly reducing site development costs;
  • Self-perform implementation of indoor and outdoor small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS), RF engineering and design, construction management and services, Head-End Room development, BTS installation, commissioning, and system testing / optimization;
  • Turnkey program management of large scale network deployments including: new site builds, network modernization, site hardening and survivability, fiber to the premise, microwave implementation and pathing, operations, and maintenance.

Press Release here.

Reuters article here.

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