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Arianna Huffington says: Use the real name for posting comments!

Arianna Huffington now takes a crucial step for civilizing the Huffington Post comment, right from the next month. The latest news announce that users will have to use their original names for commenting on the blogs, as the website would ban all the anonymous voting and commenting done on website.


The major reason cited behind this step is the rising influx of abusive comments in the messages.  As, Arianna says: “Freedom is expression is something which one needs to stand up and not hide behind the words or identity”. Citing some serious examples, namely the threats posed to Caroline Criado Perez, she comments that the online communications is turning more into the uglier and nasty conversation. Moreover, the female journalists are constantly facing the bomb threats and rape threats.

Moreover to reduce this online meanness it is compulsory to take necessary steps. The owner of website perceives using real name as some magical idea, which can save them from the existing problem. Besides, it is also expected to reduce the online trolling and attack. The solution may end up with the people’s humble behavior and not turning the discussion into a harsh and aggressive debate.

Interestingly, Huffington associate the increasing abusiveness with the psychological factors and name it as disinhibition effect. The disinhibition effect is happening because online platform is a kind simulacra where people are least acquainted with the reality and behave in a much meaner ways. The website has all plans to establish Huffington post as a healthy interactive platform and at the same time punishing the anti-social creatures. Organizations such as Gawker and Reddit are already working on the remedial tricks to organizing the high-quality debates within the right system.

Source: The Gaurdian 

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