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ASUS Smartwatch launch expected to be in September 2014

The Computer manufacturer from Taiwan, ASUS is all set to launch a new Android Wear. According to the recent release of Reports, ASUS plans to launch their own creation, An Android smartwatch later this year.Asus_logo1

Previously it was back in the month of March that ASUS announced that the company was going to create a smartwatch. It was back then that we had a bit of glimpse of what to expect from the smartwatch. Now just a few months later, the reports from sources suggest that ASUS is ready to bring the smartwatch into the market.

According to the news that we had initially about the smartwatch from ASUS referred to some gesture and voice based features to be added in the watch. In the statement made by Jonney Shih, CEO of ASUS in March, he stated that the company was looking forward to make something simple that can be easily related to be the people. When answering students’ questions at a job fair organized by National Taiwan University, he said:

“There would be more natural user interfaces such as voice or movement controls, although more breakthroughs are needed in these areas.”

This probably referred to a simple interface with features that can be easily handled y the users. This was way back in March when the first announcement was made.

According to the reports of the recent times, ASUS is probably looking forward to launch the Android Wear in September. ASUS’s smartwatch is expected to have an AMOLED display which will surely be competent enough when compared to the counterparts by Samsung and LG. The expected price of the Smartwatch from ASUS is expected to be around $99 to $149.

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