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Facebook announced Embed Post feature: how to use it?

Facebook now offers Embed Post feature for interfacing old posts with new. It is one of the most effective features that Facebook has added so far. Embed Post feature by Facebook will provide great relief to its user in many ways. Now you don’t need to take any screenshot, copy-pasting or something like for mentioning your old FB post somewhere. You can easily do it with this Embed feature.


Till now most of the people were using screenshots for this service. There were few geeks who were making the things simpler by adding the permalink of the original post. But it is too a long process as user gets redirected with it and he or she have to open two simultaneous tabs for accessing old and new posts. To solve all such problems, FB has launched this Embed Post feature. Till now this feature was there in other social media giants like Twitter, Vine and Instagram.

Embed Post feature works with status, photos and videos. Means you can embed your previous posts with these three kinds of medias. All other users can access previous comments, likes of the embedded post. They can also like or follow the original creator of the embedded post.

Facebook representative has said that they are doing all this stuff to increase the user engagement. They have also added Embed Code option which provides engagement for all people who are not on FB at present.

How to use FB Embed Option?

Follow this procedure:

  • Go to the post that you want to embed with your current post
  • On the right side of post, you will find one drop down menu (I am talking about the drop down menu which is used for editing, deleting posts)
  • There you will get Embed Post option
  • Use it

That’s how you can use embed post feature on FB.

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