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Walmart slashes iPhone 5s and 5c prices; indication of iPhone 6 launch?

It seems just like an icing on the cake, as Walmart has decided to reduce the price of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5c. According to the reports, Starting this Friday, Walmart is selling iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at the price of $99 and $29 respectively. Considering the normal price of iPhone 5c and 5c models, the price provided by Walmart is shocking in itself but the price is not for all. Walmart has clearly stated the conditions that need to be fulfilled if you have to get the two iPhone models at the above mentioned price. One of them is only “in-store” purchase and another one is a 2-year contract.iphone-5s-vs-iphone-5c

iPhone 5s and 5c will be available to the users at all the Walmart stores. They will not be on sale at this price on their e-store. Walmart has also stated that the buyers will also have to get into a two-year contract with the carrier in order to get the models at the minimal prices. Considering that Walmart is dropping the prices of iPhone 5s and 5c by 50% and 71% respectively, one has to accept that the offers are lucrative within themselves.

The offer is only valid with the start-up models of iPhone 5s and 5C. Thus a 16 GB iPhone 5c as $29 is a quite a profitable deal. This is not complete, as Walmart has also announced a cut on the prices of 32GB models as well. The price for the 32GB models is expected to be slashed by approximately 35% which still offers a great deal for the customers.

However, Radioshack also had a similar price cut several weeks ago, where it priced the iPhones 5s to $99 and iPhone 5c to $29 (both with contract)

The last time Walmart discounted the latest iPhones as part of its Christmas Countdown Savings Event, where Walmart cut the price of iPhone 5c from $50 to $27 on a new 2-years contract with Verizon and AT&T from December 13-24.

Apple Official Website: iPhone 5s | iPhone 5c

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