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Google announces Android L; developer preview is out now

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced Android L, the latest version of Android OS at the Google I/O event and is slated for release in the fall of 2014, where Google shows new projects that extend Android to the TV (Android TV), to the car (Android Auto) and to wearables (Android Wear), among others.android-l-launch-google-io

Android L will have a completely redesigned interface with 500 new API’s and will be pre-loaded on smartphones, tablets and other devices. Google has codenamed the new version ” L ” which is expected to named as Android Liquorice or Android Lollipop during its release. Android L will feature better management of notifications as the notifications will appear on the lock screen and can be swiped for closing unwanted apps. The developer preview of Android L was released after the event.

“This is one of the most comprehensive releases we have done: it has over 5000 new API’s and we not just thinking for mobile, but for form factors beyond mobile,” said Sundar Pichai, Head of Chrome.

Google has introduced “Material Design” for Android L which would allow developers to customize the interface of the phone by adding shadows and seams including animated elements for apps. The new mobile OS will feature a revamped Roboto font for better viewing in smartphones and other wearable devices.

Android L includes a smarter unlock screen that will be able to recognize locations and remote unlocking through connected smartwatches. Google is set to improve the processor performance of phones by introducing ART (Android Runtime) as system default. ART will be able to increase the systems performance and is also compatible with 64-bit architecture.

Several tweaks have been performed in Android L to increase battery performance codenamed “Project Volta” and includes new tools and API’s to conserve energy. Security has also been given priority with the company introducing remote wipe feature or a factory reset in case of stolen phones. Google Play Store has been added with additional security features for malware protection.

If you are an Android developer, you could get early access to the new operating system from here.

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