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Oculus to acquire design team of Xbox 360 gamepad by the end of summer

The reports are in and as it states, Oculus are all set to acquire the Carbon Design team by the end of this summer. In a statement, Oculus said that the Carbon Design team is one of the top rank holders in the list of the best industrial design and product engineering team in the world. With the deal with Oculus, both the two companies will have something to cheer about.carbon_team_small

The Carbon Design Team is one of the premier Industrial Design and Product Engineering organizations. The team has experience and the quality that is required to reach the new heights in the designing field. As said by a representative from Oculus, the company has been working with the Carbon Design team over a few projects and it is highly believed in the ranks of both the organizations that the deal will unlock new doors of gaming imagination.

The Carbon Design team is behind the classic Xbox controller. According to the statement issued by Oculus, Carbon Design team will be working on the development projects from Carbon Studio in Seattle. The Carbon Team is also expected to be a part of the R&D of Oculus. With the kind of expertise that Carbon has in the area of designing, it will be wrong not to state the developed chances of Oculus in the gaming Industry.

Meanwhile, Oculus has plans to expand its business and there are many job openings across its offices at Seattle, Dallas, Irvine and San Francisco.

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Oculus Virtual Reality has stated that it did not do anything wrong or against the law in response to the allegations made by the Video game developer ZeniMax Media Inc. According to the issues rising between the two companies, ZeniMax Media Inc. accused Oculus VR of stealing trade secrets. ZeniMax Media Inc. has also filed a federal lawsuit against Oculus VR for stealing the trade secrets.

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