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Microsoft increases OneDrive storage quota to 15GB; Still MEGA gives 50GB

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced a ‘massive’ offer to its OneDrive cloud storage users as well as Office 365 premium subscribers. The company has increased the free storage quota of OneDrive from 7GB to 15GB, while the Office 365 users will get 1TB of storage space. Earlier, Office 365 subscribers had 20GB of storage in OneDrive. For your information, Kim Dotcom’s MEGA will give you 50GB of free storage, which also has its iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows apps for easy sync.microsoft-onedrive-offer

The company hasn’t only increased the free storage quota, but also lowered the pricing on extra storage space, meaning you will get more than double space for same old pricing. Meanwhile, the new changes are not available now; it will be available from July 1 2014 onwards.

Angus Logan, head of product management and product marketing said in a statement:

“We really want to make OneDrive the one place for all the stuff that people have in their personal and work lives. And part of delivering that is to give people enough storage to move all their stuff into the cloud. Now, they don’t need to worry about space anymore.”

Earlier in January, Microsoft renamed its SkyDrive cloud storage service as OneDrive and provided 25GB of free storage to all those early adopters of SkyDrive. These users still has the same available free space of 25GB. OneDrive users are getting 7GB of free storage until this month end.

Microsoft was providing an option to get additional 8GB (to make the total 15GB) of free storage to all its users by completing some tasks, such as setting up backup from phones for 3GB and referring 10 users for 500MB each. If Microsoft continues the same offer, then those users who completed all the tasks will be having 23GB of free storage.

As of now, Google Drive also provides 15GB of free storage, including Gmail, Photos, Google Plus and other shared services. Apple iCloud gives 5GB of free storage, Dropbox has only 2GB of free storage and Box.com gives 10GB of storage with maximum upload limit of 250MB for any single file. But the specialty of OneDrive is, it works on every platform where the other storage clients won’t work.

Most interestingly, Kim Dotcom’s MEGA offers 50GB of free storage for all new users with encryption. The only drawback of MEGA is, it don’t has an app for Windows Phone, Mac or Linux. As of now, users on these platforms are accessing the storage via its Firefox and Chrome apps.

All Office 365 subscribers’ account will be updated to 1TB of free storage, that means the Office 365 Home subscriber will get 1TB storage for $9.99 per month (Office 365 Home fee), while Office 365 Personal subscriber will be having 1TB of storage for $6.99 per month (again it’s a fee for Office 365 Personal edition). Microsoft Office 365 University subscribers will also get 1TB of storage per subscription.

Just look at the paid storage’s pricing structure (old and new):

Current: 50 GB of extra OneDrive storage for $25 per year, 100 GB for $50 per year and 200 GB for $100 per year.

New: 100 GB of extra OneDrive storage for $1.99 per month (that becomes $24 per year) and 200 GB of extra OneDrive storage for $3.99 per month (that becomes $48 per year).

Just for your information – Amazon gives practically unlimited storage for its Amazon Fire Phone users to save all their photos.

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