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NHTSA says Ford Explorers with exhaust leaks are dangerous

The year 2014 has not at all been good for the United States car-maker, Ford. The company faces another challenge as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that Some Ford Explorers are dangerous for use. The NHTSA is looking into this matter as a part of safety problems under the working of car. Ford has been informed about the issues by the NHTSA which demands immediate action into the issue.ford-explorer

On Friday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Friday issued multiple reports stating that some of the Ford Explorers are apparently leaking in toxic gasses like Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, etc into the passenger compartment. The NHTSA has stated in a report that in some Ford Explorers manufactured during a period of 2011 to 2014 is experiencing leaks of toxic gasses. According to the authority, various owners have reported the leaks. Angela Knutson who is one of the many troubled owners has already filed a lawsuit against the carmaker.

The year 2014 has not even been one of the average years for quite a few number of leading car manufacturing companies. Ford is certainly one of them. The company has already issued the orders of recall of over a million of their various models. The recent trouble with the gaseous leaks has landed the company into more trouble.

According to the statement issued by Ford, the company is looking into the matter with grave importance. Ford will be looking forward to resolve the issue of the leaks and the lawsuit as quickly as possible.

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