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Garmin Viago: Premium GPS app for Android/iOS for just $1.99

With Garmin’s (NASDAQ:GRMN) new personal GPS system, the promise says that you will get much more that what you spend! Well, all that you will have to spend is just $1.99 for Viago, which is the new personal GPS system thrown in by Garmin. According to the press release by Garmin, Viago will have a lot of features that will simply amaze you every time you pull it on for your use.garmin-gps-app

The new version of Viago will have a lot more with the premium features on and they will be available to you are a nominal price of $1.99. The various features that are included in the premium version of Viago includes the current speed of your travel, the speed limit that you should follow depending on the traffic congestion, display of traffic ion map and much more.

Joern Watzke, vice president world-wide mobile business at Garmin Wuerzburg GmbH said in a statement:

Garmin Víago offers the best navigation technology available from Garmin, helping drivers to reduce stress and save time on the road. The comprehensive feature set goes far beyond simple turn-by-turn directions and assists drivers like no other navigation app. Premium in app purchase options allow users to fully customize their navigation experience and only choose the features they want.

One of the features that are surely expected to tickle the nerves of the travel geeks is the option of checking at multiple stops. To add to it, the fact that Viago will also allow the download of Offline maps will surely boost the travel plans for wide travelers.

With a lot of features loaded at $1.99, Viago also offers more features like 3 – D terrain, automatic routing and rerouting, etc at prices varying from $4.99 to $19.99. The turns and the corners will also contain the real-time markers that are on the road so that the travelers can avoid unwanted circumstances on unknown lands.

The application will be available for Android as well as iOS. Speaking from a traveler’s point of view, if the features are as good as they have been reported, Viago is surely set to revolutionize traveling experience for all considering people like us as well.

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