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Hours left for AT&T exclusive Amazon Fire Phone [Update: Launched]

Update: Amazon has unveiled its Amazon Fire smartphone as an exclusive device for AT&T. AT&T will be the exclusive carrier of the upcoming Amazon smartphone which will be unveiled at the Seattle event on Wednesday. Sources who were familiar with the plans reported the news on Tuesday and did not wish to be named while AT&T spokesperson declined to comment. AT&T also provides wireless service to Amazon’s range of tablets and e-readers and will be able to rope in consumers for the wireless service.amazon-smartphone-launch

Apple had done a similar move in 2007 when iPhone was launched and AT&T was able to compete with Verizon through the deal. News of the Amazon smartphone dates back to 2011 and gathered steam when Amazon announced that it roped in former Windows executive Charlie Kindel and he mentioned that he was working on “something secret” on his LinkedIn profile.

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The price of the phone has not been revealed though consumers expect a low price-model like the Kindle. The Amazon smartphone is said to use a unique 3D technology that will deliver 3D images without the need of glasses and provide hologram images with the help of retina-tracking technology. The launch will see the company’s entry into the smartphone market and has also recently launched the Fire TV set-top video streaming service.

Amazon also mentioned that its app store had “nearly tripled” in the last year as the company is all set to launch the phone. Amazon is already offering 4G LTE enabled Kindle HDX tablets through AT&T. Amazon has already introduced the smartphones to developers in San Francisco and plans to ship the devices by September. Stay tuned on the news of the Amazon smartphone that will be unveiled tomorrow.

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