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Google tests Project Loon’s LTE-equipped baloons in Brazil

Google’s Project Loon seems to be expanding outside of United States, as Google conducted trails by sending out LTE-equipped balloons in a remote town in Brazil as a part of the Project.google-project-loon

The LTE-equipped balloon was flown over the remote town of Campo Maior in the north-east of Brazil and provided connectivity to a local school called Linoca Gayoso. Project Loon was first launched in New Zealand by sending out Wi-Fi balloons and will focus on providing connectivity to remote areas in the world.

“On Loon’s two-year birthday, I would hope, instead of running experiments, we’ll have a more or less permanent set of balloons. In one or several countries, you will on your phone and talk to the balloons,” said Astro Teller, leader of Google X in a statement to Wired.

The people in Campo Maior in Brazil rely on weak signals from treetops or goalposts for network connectivity. Google’s Loon will allow the company to send signals directly to the locals with the help of balloons who will be able to use high-speed 4G LTE service. The balloons will provide a speed of 5MB per second to mobiles and 22Mbps to antennas on the ground. Google trails in Brazil were supported by local operators Viva and Telebras in a move to improve their 3G and local mobile networks.

The Project Loon is also progressing at an impressive pace as each balloon can stay afloat for 75 days and Google aims to launch 100 balloons into the air and further expand the numbers. The ultimate aim of Loon is to provide internet to remote areas of the world while the company is working on generating revenue from the project.

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