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Netflix to shutdown public API for third-party developers

Netflix announced that it would no longer provide support for public API used by third-party developers by the end of the year.netflix

Daniel Jacobson, Netflix VP of Edge Engineering announced the decision by sending an email to the developers that the company would retire its public API by November 14. Third-party developers helped the company grow by developing apps that would help users to check titles, book DVD’s and for streaming content on the web.

The grown-up company with 35 million members in the U.S and 12.5 members internationally will no longer need the help of third-party developers. The public API’s will now show 404 errors.

“To better focus our efforts and to align them with the needs of our global member base, we will be retiring the public API,” said Jacobson.

Netlflix will gain more control over the website by cutting back on developers. Last year, the company had said that it would shutdown API’s and developer keys and affiliates were restricted. However existing developers had access to the API’s which will now be shutdown as well.Third-party developers contributed to Netflix by developing new experiences without any licensing.

The public API’s of the company will not face a complete shutdown as Jacobson mentioned that the company will be partnering with a small set of developers which will be valuable for many of its members. Flixter, Instant Watcher, Fanhattan, FeedFliks, Yidio and NextGuide are some of the developers that will continue to work with Netflix and will be able to access the public API’s.

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