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EA adds World Cup 2014 Highlights to FIFA 14

It is true that World Cup 2014 fever is infecting every soccer fans in the world. EA has added a new World Cup 2014 gaming to its FIFA 14 game along with updated world cup highlights as it happens. The new feature enables the free update for renowned soccer game and adds World Cup 2014 mode that takes you to Brazil on the gaming console for fun co-op play. By capturing the latest highlights of the game, players can match their performance and see whether they are scored as good as the world’s best soccer players.fifa-14-world-cup

Playing through the World Cup 2014 Highlights on FIFA 14, one needs FIFA 14 for the Xbox one, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 or PC. People can also play the game on the iPhone, iPad or by downloading the application on the Android handsets. But you must update your existing game to the latest available update. Once the game is installed and updated, players have to simply get-set-go with the virtual World Cup 2014 matches on the mobile handset.

For players who desire to play World Cup matches on FIFA 14 on their consoles, just connect your console to internet and console would update the game, with World Cup 2014 feature with squads, World Cup challenges and a FIFA Ultimate Team mode with the World Cup players. Interestingly, if the player happen to boost up against a friend, there are World Cup friendlies which include both the rosters and teams playing in the real World Cup 2014 matches in particular time.

The world Cup challenges section is more enthralling that it allows the users to replay the World Cup 2014 highlights for the entire span of this gaming season. One does not need to pay attention to the real game, team, positions and their statistics of the Original World cup. After the real match ends, the players will get their list updated and hence, they can play them back at their home and keep the competition by scoring at the highest.

If you are getting really crazy about the game, you buy FIFA 14 for just $39.99 from Amazon on all the popular consoles with the quick delivery facility. Microsoft store is now selling the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions with the same tag along with a mini soccer ball as part of their World Cup kit. Players can also look up for the special FIFA World cup  2014 version on Xbox 360 with a bit of improvement in the game.

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