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Apple updates iTunes App Store to feature browse by categories

Apple iTunes to have Shop by Category option available to its users from now on! Till date one of the main places of drawbacks for iTunes was the shopping section where the users had to manually search for the applications in order to install it on their iOS device.itunes-browse-category

This was certainly one of the places where Google’s play Store was much favored by the users just for the fact that it allowed searching in a more precise and better way. Standing on such a front, the possibilities that Apple will be looking for an improvement in iTunes was quite on the cards and the roll out has actually been made.

Apple and Google have always been on the terms of War since the inception of the later. Considering the fact that the home companies are on terms of War, the operating systems are always aimed to better the other by miles.

The scenario is same with iTunes and Play Store as well. According to the recent updates, iTunes has added to feature of shopping by categories on their main interface. This actually allows the users to select a category and then select the application to use or by from there as per their choice.

With the launch of iOS 8 in the recent past, it was literally on the cards that iTunes also got some sort of updates. Well speaking the Truth, Android has literally taken in the whole market of Smartphone and thus it is high time for Apple to put in some authority else it might be really hard times on the cards!

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