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GMaps updated with real time view, Google search and other functions

Good news for Google Maps users. Now they can receive real time report through GMaps anytime. This is all because of Waze Community which is holding the complete back end of providing minute to minute live report through GMaps. This real time report includes all live incident reports which means now onward you can get live report of traffic, accidents, construction and lots more by sitting at your office or home comfortably.


This feature is added in GMaps app which is available on Play Store and App Store (iOS). Along with adding this real time report in the existing app, developers have further integrated it with Google Search. This GSearch integration makes all the things a lot simpler and faster.

How to get real time report in GMaps?

If you are already using GMaps App on your mobile then you don’t need to change anything. This app will automatically download the entire update once you will be connected to internet. In rare case if it fails to do so then you can again download and install this app from respective stores (don’t forget to uninstall it first).

Suported Countries for GMaps real time report

For now this update is rolled out in selected countries only. It includes following countries:


In these selected countries you are going to receive few more modification too. Your Waze Map editor is now integrated with Google Street View and Satellite Imaginary properties. Both these things will contribute in making all the things more accurate. Street View will give you details about your nearby streets and Satellite Imaginary will help it making more real time oriented.

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