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Nyko has some perfect accessories for Xbox One and PS4

The Xbox One and Play station 4 are quite popular these days and one can say that it is one of the most credible systems in the tech world so far. Saying this, to establish the perfection in the system, there is an attempt to relief the customers, with the persisting shortcomings. One of the accessories manufacturers Nyko, has planned to look up to the fan feedback and designed apparatuses to control the controller charges.nyko-xbox-one-power

The Next Digit observed Nyko’s debut accessories at E3 2014. The company has launched two modular consoled kits; one is the Xbox One and One for the PS4. The retail price of the Microsoft’s will be around $29.99 whereas the similar kit will be sold by Sony at $19.99. However, it is going to be release during the summer holidays in 2014.

Comparing between the two robust gadgets, Xbox One is kit is truly promising. The release by Xbox is a small rectangular structure which can be plugged in the side of Xbox One through the USB ports.  The hidden button users can pop in the list of the kit. It will display the two slots of the charge controllers which will ensure to charge the extra controller batteries. Amazingly, now users will not have to mess up with the external charging stations.

The PS4 kit is comparatively simpler to use. It fits in the PS4 simply and acts like an Xbox One counterpart. As far as the PS4 controller is concerned, it will fetch you the internal battery, and the modular kit is simply embedded with the extra charging cable, especially the large storage space, and the soft brush to clean the system. Nevertheless, the system has a problem with cable which is short in length as well the soft brush provided in the kit is of a cheaper quality.

Nyko is launched with the new media remote compatible for Xbox One. The peripheral device can easily turn on and turn off the system. Besides this can control the on-board or streaming media such as YouTube. The device comes at $14.99 and is much cheaper than Microsoft’s own remote media.

Nyko - PS4

Users who are concerned with the cleanliness and entertainment centers can obviously use the modular kits as their PS4 counterparts. You could see their all product launch at the E3 2014 event, on this link.

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