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Amazon’s Mayday button is a hit among Kindle HDX users

Amazon announced that its Mayday tech support button is popular among Kindle HDX tablet for receiving technical support and 75 percent of the technical support requests comes from the Mayday button.amazon-kindle-fire-HDX-tablets

The Mayday button was first launched in 2013 along with 7-inch and 8.9-inch Kindle HDX tablets in September where users would receive tech support from the company in less than 15 seconds on pressing the button. Amazon has now announced that the feature is a hit among users with an average response time of 9.75 seconds. Scott Brown, Customer Service Director at Amazon stated that the concept is working well and has helped revolutionized tech support.

Scott Brown said in a statement:

“When we set out to invent the Mayday button, we wanted to revolutionize tech support and we are happy that it is working. 75 percent of customer contacts for the Fire HDX now come via the Mayday button.”

Users of the Kindle HDX tablet can access the feature by swiping down and press the button for any technical issues at any time of the day. The feature would then respond by making notations on the screen to navigate through the process. Amazon also mentioned that it received requests ranging from drawing aliens and dragons on their screens, asking to sing a birthday song and marriage proposals.

However the feature is not available on previous Kindle HD models. Amazon’s move is likely to inspire other manufacturers who provide poor customer service and in turn have low ratings. However it is not sure if Amazon will include the Mayday feature in its upcoming smartphone that will be launched during an event in Seattle on June 18th.

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