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Facebook unveils new ad preferences feature

Facebook unveiled its new ad preference feature that will allow users to customize the ads that would appear on their Facebook profiles, that means, the social network will experiment over targeted advertisements.facebook-about-ads

The new feature from Facebook is seen as a result of continuous efforts by the Federal Trade commission (FTC) and Congress to pass a legislation for protecting consumers private data and to allow more control over digital data collected by tech companies. Facebook will also benefit from the move as it would provide a deeper understanding of users interests for better targeting of ads.

Brian Boland, VP of Facebook’s ads product marketing, said in a statement:

“The thing that we have heard from people is that they want more targeted advertising. The goal is to make it clear to people why they saw the ad.”

Users will be able to click on a link next to an ad and set the ad preferences whether to show it or not in the future. Facebook also wants to show only targeted ads as companies are willing to shell out more for ads which would reach the right consumers for better response. However the company also mentioned that it would work on extracting new information from other sources for a better understanding in the future.

Earlier Facebook stated that it would not use consumer data for security concerns which will be now utilized for advertising. Facebook generated about  $2.27 billion from ads out of its total 2.5 billion in the first quarter and has about 1.3 billion active users.

Facebook will also focus on collecting data from smartphone users and other websites for ad targeting. Users can also restrict ads through the web browser and options on their smartphones which is explained in detail on the website’s ‘About Facebook Ads‘ page.

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