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Samsung takes on iPad with Galaxy Tab S

Samsung has added yet another name to the list of the high-end tablets in the market. In an event on Thursday in the New York City, Samsung revealed their latest addition to the Tablet genre: Samsung Tab S. With the launch of the new model, Samsung has just paved way into the lane where it can easily boast of having the best tablets in the market presently. Interestingly, a lot of people are thinking that this is Samsung’s way of taking on Apple. According to most of the experts with expertise in the field of gadgets, there is a belief that iPad is by far the best tablet that is on offer in the electronic media presently.


Well, we all know that it is a very controversial statement to make as Samsung easily over powers all the other competitors with the number of variety that they put on show. Samsung has its name for presently having the most number of different kinds of Tablets in the market. And with Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Samsung has certainly done enough to get on with the legacy!

Here are a few Specifications about Tab S.

Well, Samsung Galaxy Tab S can be easily compared with the Smartphone of the Galaxy series, Samsung Galaxy S5. The only difference that can be stated about the comparisons is the size of the screens. With Tab S, the size is much bigger than the Smartphone.

The tablet launched by Samsung on Thursday will be coming with 8.4 inches and 10.5 inches. To add to it Galaxy Tab S will be boasting of a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:10. The screen of Tab S will be using AMOLED technology glass. This gives Samsung the device a huge boost over the power issues as AMOLED technology uses much less power compared to simple LCD technology. Along with the other features like RAM size, internal memory, camera, the Tablet will also comprise of LTE connectivity adding another feather to the crown.

According to the press release by Samsung in New York City on Thursday, Samsung is quite happy with the products and is expecting Samsung Galaxy Tab S to be among the highest selling tablets by the end of the year. Although no reports about the price has been made yet, but we know about the weights of the device. The 10.5 inch model will weigh around 1 Pound and the 8.4 inch model will be around 0.65 pound. With the rumors already swirling in the media that Samsung is taking on Apple real time, it will be quite fascination to watch out for the battle of the two giants.

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