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Aaron Paul turns on thousands of Xbox One consoles via TV ad

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One console owners just begun to complain about a weird problem, where the TV commercial of Xbox One starring ‘Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul turns on their gaming consoles including the Kinect Sensors.paul-aaron-xbox-one-commercial

In Twitter and Reddit, many Xbox One owners in United States started to post about the automatic triggering of their consoles when Aaron Paul says “Xbox On” in the commercial. You can watch the Xbox One triggering TV commercial video below.

In the TV ad, Aaron Paul demoed Kinect’s voice command recognition to turn on and control the Xbox One console. And when he say ‘Xbox On’ and you are watching the television commercial in the same room where you kept your new console, then your device will recognize the voice command of Aaron Paul and automatically turns on the device, without your permission.

In some cases, his voice command ‘Xbox go to Titanfall’ even launched their Titanfall game in the console. One of the social media post embedded below:

Whether its just an accident or pre-planned risk by the company, it has created much buzz about the Kinect voice command feature’s effectiveness. Microsoft might pull back the advertisement in one or two days, but by that time, it will make some buzz already. Here are some of the tweets:

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