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AT&T opens up on DirecTV deal

So at last AT&T is coming out strongly speaking in favor of the deal with DirecTV. According to the specifications of the deal, AT&T is all set to create a merge up with DirecTV. This merge up of two large companies in their respective fields will surely provide a better scope of spectrum for the people of the United States.

AT&T opens up on DirecTV deal

AT&T has already started talking about the terms and the issues related to the deal as the telecommunication company has already applied for the approval from FCC as well as the Justice Department. Although the deal had been announced way back in the month of May, both the companies made sure that they look after all the points before actually moving on with the deal.

AT&T holds on one of the largest broadband spectrums in the United States and provides the service of internet to approximately about 6 Million viewers. On the other hand DirecTV is the major player in the field of Cable and also has huge viewership of its own. According to the statements released by AT&T, if and when both the companies merge, there will be much better service on offer.

According to the experts, the deal between AT&T and DirecTV will certainly boost up their viewership instantly. And if they can put in good quality service, there will emerge a new leader in the market. On the other hand, Comcast is also trying to get hold of Time Warner Cable. With all said and done, it will be interesting to see what happens once the deal is struck!

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